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432 Fore Street, Portland, Me. 04101 207-775-3510
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Do The Shady Lady at The Dirty Bird!


The Bartenders

Domestic Beers $2.50
Imported beers $3.25
12 0z. Drinks $4.50
16 0z. Drinks $6.00
Shots $4.00-$4.50

Can I buy you a drink?


    You know them, and hopefully you love them too.  You've hollered at them, and I'm positive they've hollered back.  You have to be tough if you wanna survive at "The Bird"  Drunk people usually equal people who don't care about manners, they only want their drinks.  So these "Warriors" have to be tough, even though they have hearts of gold...Ohhh.  Treat them good, and they'll treat you good.  Bottom line.



     And for the ladies, we have The Pretty Boy. That's only what he's called at the bar, because customers tell him just that!  We have all sorts of beautiful people to look at.  So come in and check them out.  Bring your own pen for phone numbers!  We're not a stationary store.





     Check out the Draft Bar too!


    There are specials every night!




Get the flock on down to The Bird.

    Thursday night's are the poor man's dream.  Bud and Bud Light Drafts are only 50 cents, and Natty Light Drafts are only 25 cents.  You can't beat it.  I hear the girl who works the draft bar on Thursday's is pretty damn hot too!  And yes, she has a boyfriend...sorry.




Too much man, too much!



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