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432 Fore Street, Portland, Me. 04101 207-775-3510
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Do The Shady Lady at The Dirty Bird!


Escort Service

                    Uh! Not that kind of Escort Service, we're not running a prostitution ring!  This is the name given the guys who have the hardest job...trying to control the drunk folk.  That's you!  There for your safety, and can assholes, or can give you a friendly "escort" out of the bar, if needed.  Ah!  Hence the name.  Escort Service.


If you can get by this guy, then you're all set.  Eyes like an eagle, or whatever else sees good, Larry "The Doorman", is there to check your ID's, and he can catch a fake like nothing.  Have correct ID or don't come. 

 He also wrestles for the EWA wrestling association in Lewiston.  Check him out.  You might feel better when you see him get body slammed, especially if he didn't let you in.   Check him, and other wrestlers on




The Wrinkle


               After all the beers are drank, and all of the drinks have been drank by the drunks.  It's time to say goodnight.  It's not your home, so you can't stay here.


Remember, this is not your home.  As much as you stay, you gotta go home.  Let's go people!

Look out for the police outside! Don't be too drunk or scream.  Just a warning.



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